Team management: the human aspect 

Customer: An advanced technology company specialized in aeronautics and space
Challenge: Increase managerial maturity, particularly with regards to human behavior, in senior management teams and management on the whole. 

Encourage executives and sales staff to gain market share

Customer: A leading French IT and proximity engineering services company (20,000 employees, 6,000 in France, €1.6bn revenue)

Challenge: Coordinate managerial and sales practices for continuous growth, gained market share and increased added value. 

Maintain a start–up spirit in a fast-growing company  

Customer: A key player in the agri-food industry

Challenge: Maintain the initial start-up spirit and instill a shared language.. 

Sustain a leading position and increase profit margins

Customer: A world leader for cables and cabling systems (25,000 employees, €7bn revenue)

Challenge: Ensure products stand out in spite of standardization due to regulations; increase sales prospects, especially decision-makers; uphold service fees and prices.


Drive engagement and long-term performance

Customer: A multinational company in the engineering industry

Challenge: Get a newly-formed team up and running and provide the proper resources for performance and resilience

Start-up growth management

Customer: Start-Up.

Challenge: Maintain the company’s start-up spirit and professionalize management to increase performance. 

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