On-site and remote Blended Learning 

Tailored digital training

MOOCs and off-the-shelf content

On-site and remote (on-demand) support for several months allowing to anchor durably knowledge and to support change

Design a digital path together with all your knowledge

A library of varied contents (MOOCs, educational videos, modules, tests, barometers …) to quickly build a path adapted to your needs

Corporate universities

LMS platform advice and in-house platform hosting

Skill transfer

Together we will build your corporate university, manage all the processes (workshops, creative and design thinking sessions) and adapt them to all your activities and corporate identity.

Help you in the selection and the implementation of an LMS platform.

You have educational content and do not want to invest in a platform?

We white label your content and host in on our platforms

> Specification definition

> Setting up training scenarios

> Training of facilitators

> Monitoring and project management to completion

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